Benefits of Building an Email List

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is an effective marketing strategy and campaign. Through successful marketing, you’ll be able to reach the potential customers you need to turn your business into a booming one.

There are countless ways of getting your message across to the world, which can be a good thing as it gives you a huge choice. However, it can also leave you flustered and confused about choosing the best way to reach your audience efficiently.

Amongst the many ways of reaching the correct target audience, a mailing list can be one of the most valuable marketing techniques available to a business. The largest and most successful companies around the globe claim to hold their email lists as the most effective strategy to keep their customers in the loop and engaged.

An email list is 6 times more effective than social media posts with it being 40 times more likely for potential customers to click on your links through an email.

So, what is an Email List?

An email list is a number of people signed up to receive emails from your business. These emails can provide them with important or interesting information such as changes to the business’ policies, special discounts, offers, and more notifications.

The purpose of sending these messages ultimately, after informing them about your offers and notifications, is to get people to click through to your intended website page via the link you provide in your email.

How is an Email List Built?

Interested people sign up to email lists themselves through a landing page that appears when they land on your website. Why do they do so? Because, commonly, the landing page provides an incentive to sign-up to the mailing list such as a special offer, discount, or a freebie.

What Happens After the sign-up?

Following the initial sign-up, the person continues to receive emails about the business and its promotions and announcements.

It is very important to know what effects an email list has on a business. This is why we’ll be going over everything you need to know related to how an email list can help your business. So, let’s move on to the different features of an email list and how it can benefit your business.

Features and Benefits of Email Lists

Intimacy Leads to More Clicks

An email list is much more personal than a post somebody sees whilst endlessly scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed. Why? Because it’s landed straight into their inbox for them to open and go through privately.

As long as you make sure to offer something interesting to the customer most of the time, the recipient will be attentively reading your emails for sure, making it much more likely for them to click through to your link. The trust built by gaining permission to be in the audience’s inbox boosts the probability of traffic converting into solid purchases.

You Can Make It Extremely Personal

Your message is bound to tug on a string and catch your recipient’s attention when you start your message with taking the customer’s name directly. Each message can be highly personalized for your audience to truly make them feel special.

The personalization also builds great credibility for your business and demonstrates a great level of trust between the recipient and you. The fact that they’ve given you their email address and permission to send emails reinforces the trust level and your careful consideration about the kinds of emails you send further solidifies the reputation you hold.

Connection and Communication with the Customer

A mailing list builds a great level of trust between the sender and recipient because it is directly in their private inbox.

You can build great credibility by personally providing them with the important information they need to know, as well as providing them with modes of contact in case they need customer service.

The recipient can comfortably reply to emails and ask whatever questions they want, which cannot be done privately on public posts.

You can then give them all the answers they need too, privately yet openly. The feeling of constant support from you will enable the audience to make more purchases whilst feeling safe and in good hands.

You reach the intended audience

Contrary to other forms of indirect marketing such as ads or banners that are randomly read by people who may or may not be interested in what you’re offering, an email list directly reaches the intended audience and you know exactly who the recipients are.

This is because it consists of those who have demonstrated interest in your product or service already by signing up, hence their presence in the list. This way you know you’re having an effect and not wasting your efforts.

That means you have a much higher probability of your audience clicking through to your link and making the intended purchase as compared to a marketing campaign that isn’t targeted.

Ability to Analyse and Curate

Because you know exactly who you’ve added to your email list, you can easily start to analyse your response rates according to different kinds of content. Each time you send out emails, you can monitor the statistics.

Monitoring and analysing to understand what people enjoy and what is the most effective in getting good click-through rates will help you greatly in tweaking your offers after every email for ever-growing results.

You’ll be able to curate your content according to what you see that the customers like to receive in their inbox. This means you won’t lose subscribers and will have a much higher chance of success after click-throughs.

Ability to Segment Audience

Along with the ability to deliver much more appropriate and interesting content that will drive your click-through rates up through-the-roof, you can even segment your audience.

Segmenting involves grouping the audience into different types according to their likes and interests. This means that, after analysing what your audience likes and doesn’t like, you can even sort them into different groups to cater to them differently.

Segmenting is one of the most important marketing techniques, being extremely beneficial to provide your customers with a highly personalized experience to ensure high click-through rates and impressive sales.

The Customer Wants You

An email list is made up of only those who have signed up for your list themselves, by their own choice. Those customers are already engaged with you.

Because recipients are interested in what you send them, it also means that you’re spending your effort on the right technique in the right place instead of wasting resources on a random hit or miss venture which does not directly target interested people.

With people who are interested in your product receiving direct emails about your promotions and offerings, you’re much more likely to see fruitful results springing from the effort too.

A Billion More People use Email than Facebook

Though we think Facebook or Twitter may be the most booming platforms with endless accounts on there, it’s far from the reality. In actuality, there are 3.8 Billion Email accounts that exist, 2.8 Billion Facebook accounts and just 330 Million Twitter accounts existing.

Without a question, you’re reaching more people via email than any other platform. This will give you huge traffic surges towards your website, and that too completely intentional.

Once you have the interested traffic landed on your website, it’s not long before you’re converting those valuable clicks into solid purchases.

Small Investment, Huge Return

Building an email list does not require huge investments compared to marketing techniques such as investing in creating ads, promotional posters, and so on.

Moreover, you already know that the people subscribed to your mailing list are much more likely to make a purchase than those on any other medium. Why? Because they were already on your website once, and they signed up to be included in your email list.

Email lists have huge Returns on Investment. Precisely, you get $42 on every $1 spent according to US statistics. Think that over.

Full Control

Another great benefit of having an email list to interact with your customers is that you completely own the email system. Your email belongs to you. What does this mean for you?

There are no annoying policy changes or dramatic updates and changes like there are on social media platforms. The minute social media platforms change their policies, your efforts made so far go right down the drain.

Wide Range of Audience

Many people you know may not have a social media account, or at least not on all platforms save one or two. On the contrary, try finding someone who doesn’t have an email address. It will be a very hard job to find someone like that.

Along with reaching a large number of people, your audience will consist of more diverse kinds of people, increasing your chances of hitting it off with the kind that loves your product.

This is because there may just be a specific kind of demographic of the audience on certain social media, such as a specific age group and so on. Email provides a much wider range of demographic types.

Faster Outreach Through Word of Mouth

We already went over the fact that everyone on your mailing list is already someone who has shown interest in your products or services. This means that these people are a specific demographic of people who all like the certain niche you provide.

The people interested in one niche are more likely to talk amongst each other to spread the word about your product, as they’re genuinely interested and will have a social circle that also takes interest in their likes and dislikes.


Tips for Maintaining an Email List

Avoid Spamming

Make sure to avoid spamming the recipient with too many emails and sending them only important and highly interesting mail so they do not unsubscribe from the email list.

A good idea is to ask them their preferences about whether they want to receive all emails, just promotions and important announcements, or just notifications related to their account.

Keep them Interested

A good idea is to provide promotional incentives to your email list customers, every once in a while, to keep them happy to stay subscribed whilst making them feel especially appreciated for staying on the mailing list.

You can send them special discounts that are only available to those who are included in the mailing list. This will prevent them from unsubscribing and also give a huge push towards making purchases.

Don’t Give Away Valuable Freebies on the Sign-up Page

It is not uncommon for people to sign up for an email list to avail the offer you presented them with, and then to unsubscribe as soon as they’ve received the freebie.

When offering people a give-away unaccompanied by a qualifying purchase, make sure the value of the freebie equals the value of the customer signing up for your email list.

Try Different Subject Titles

Whenever you send out emails to your list, keep trying out different kinds of subject lines to see which one takes off and gives high response rates.

You could try using catchy, informal subject lines for a week, and then try more informative ones for another. This will help you spot trends related to what gets people to read your emails.


As you can take away from the detailed aspects of email lists, the benefits of mailing lists are priceless and quite endless. It’s a sure-fire, hands-down way to boost your sales and engagement rates. They help you keep in close contact with your audience whilst building trust and reputation amongst them.

It comes as no surprise that most multinationals hold email lists as the best, most effective way to boost sales and keep customers engaged with them. The process is an extremely low-cost one, and the returns on investment are massive. So, what are you waiting for?

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